Untouchables of India: Present Day

     Though the Indian constitution passed in 1950 bands abuse towards all Indians, there is still prejudice and cruelity towards these people. Even now, Untouchables face a life of humiliation and fear of being raped, hanged, lynched, burned at the stake, or gunned down. In fact, the situation became so dire that the government passed a second amendment: The Prevention of Atrocities Act again making a stronger statement that such humiliation such as being paraded through the streets, forced to eat feces, polluting their water sources, interfering with their right to vote, and burning down their homes, was completely unacceptable and illegal.

   The problem though is that these laws are not being enforced. The police have been charged for doing many large scale abuses, working with more upper class caste people against the Dalits, raids, beating in custody, and ignoring to investigate crimes that have been reported. The statistics from National Geographic, year 2003, have reported that approximately 68,160 complaints have been charged against the police for unforgivable crimes such as murder, torture, to ignore to pay heed to a complaint, and furthur acts of massacre and killing. Sadly there are still more occuring by the hour.
Now, it is considered a crime if the Dalits themselves enter the same temple, house, restrooms, or even eat with the same utensils as people of higher classes. Punishment can range from dramatic abuse such as rape, humiliation, burned at the stake or gunned down. Again, though it is against the law, the cops or government are doing little to stop it. 

(Note: More about the women Dalits of India coming soon.........................)

Treatment of Untouchable Women With HIV

Here is an uplifting  story about a woman who through faith and religion fights her fears and lives through her tragedies including becoming an outcast because of being discovered with HIV.